I am honored to be part of it!

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Great Photographers With < 10,000 Followers

The photographers here are all in my personal circles.  The choices are mine and mine alone.  No one asked, begged, or pleaded to belong.  No bribes were offered or accepted.  These are the people that I follow because I appreciate their great quality photography and their interaction.  Most I have met as I help curate several of the photography themes.  There are NO requirements to share this circle.  I would appreciate the people in this circle plus the post, leave a comment, and share the circle as public.  

Each profile has been verified by me.  Each has < 10,000 followers (when they were put into the circle), and have high quality original photography content.  You won’t find many animated gifs!

I wasn’t included, what do I do?  If you meet the criteria, weren’t included, but think you should be, then leave me a comment.  Maybe I don’t know about you.  There are millions of people on G+ and I don’t know everyone.  However, I’ll be happy to have a look at your work if you will call it to my attention.

There’s a really great photographer XXX that you didn’t include.  Please feel free to recommend qualified people.  I discover new people every day and would be happy to look at their work.  Please make sure that the recommended person meets the criteria.  If they don’t then that tells me a lot about you!

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  1. You are welcome, it is a great honor for me! I gues you spend a lot of time curating all the theme pages, so I have to thank you for all the effort!

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