How can I stop this?

I receive almost daily email notifications about postings from a person that I haven't even circled and am not interrested at all! How can I stop this??
Help please!
Thank you! :o)

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  1. When I receive a notification from "said people", I click the notification, click the persons profile image to go to their profile. There will be an arrow under the profile image, click it and select report/block.

    This is from a PC. I image it is different for smartphones. 

    I hope this helps?

  2. Just mute them +Ursula Klepper . Go to their profile and click the little down arrow next to their name. Blocking means that they can't comment on your posts or anything and is usually too strong and reserved for spammers of rude or offensive content. These are often need ones who usually don't know they're emailing everyone. Or don't realise how annoying it is. I used to explain to them and they would stop but it happens too often with so many more and I simply mute. You can do it from mobile too.

  3. Oh +Ellie Kennard I just did it the minute you wrote me this comment, she may be a nice person but it's annoying to get mails about posts you are not interrested. Thank you for your help! I guess to mute somenone is the same as to block him.

  4. No it's not the same thing. It's much more severe. You can go and unblock and then mute. People don't know they are muted but they do know if they are blocked and try to comment on your posts. Blocking is for serious offenders. +Ursula Klepper . Muting is for nuisances.

  5. Man I don't like when they do that. Especially when they are not actively taking part in the community

  6. Ok, I unblocked her +Ellie Kennard but then I only have the option to "ignore" her. I can't find a option to 'mute' her. Thank you Ellie!

    +Vincent Dale I did not even circled her, and every day I recieve e-mails with her postings!!

    +Elizabeth Lund I am still in search where I can 'mute' someone, because I can only block or ignore.

  7. I have 'ignored' her now and it shows me the message that I won't get any further e-mail notifications from her, YAY!!

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