Hot vs

Who is going to win?

In any case the Brew Crew!! :o)

Have a good new start #coffeethursday   !
With thanks to the "Brew Crew" +Jason Kowing   +Maki Silberberg   +Sairam Sundaresan and +Stuart Dyckhoff 

12 thoughts on “Hot vs”

  1. It takes one candle light to push back the darkness so in this case my money's on the hot! haha! Woohoooo! An excellent coffee shot! Thanks so much Cora for posting on the maiden voyage of the new #CoffeeThursday theme!

  2. No, Maki we don't have any snow its spring!! I made this photo a few weeks ago, when there was so much snow, I thought it's funny to put the hot coffee near to the cold snow… And than you announced, that you will reopen the #coffeethursday again, so I saved it for today to celebrate with you! +Maki Silberberg 

  3. Dear Jason, thanks for your comment and first of all, my name is Ursula and not Cora! LOL! if you are unshure you can take a look to my icon… ;o) Second, I am glad you vote for hot because that's what I also prefer, the *hot*one! +Jason Kowing 

  4. I don't know who will win, but for me i would grab this hot cup and enjoy nature 🙂

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