Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul

~ Henry Ward Beecher ~

You can see more Appleblossom images here:


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14 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. Beautiful pastel colours and lovely flower photo.  This is nice to see Ursula, thank you..

  2. So gentle and such soft and beautiful colour in this. The soft bokeh behind (not sure if it is bokeh but the effect is the same) is an excellent backdrop for these blossoms.
    +Ursula Klepper 

  3. +Ellie Kennard Thank you dear! In the background you can see the old and bigger Appletree in bloom. I wanted to use them as bokeh for the appleflower in the foreground.
    Concerning the flower of May … hmm it could be possible that I didn't yet post it … You are sweet for wanting to do that and I am grateful for the intention! :o)

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