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A lot of newer users don't realize that if you post something to a community ONLY, the only people who will see that post are the others in that community?

So even if people circle you, if they don't belong to the same community, they will never see your work.  As a matter of fact, if someone new stops by your page and sees that you only post your photos to communities, they may not follow you at all because they still won't see your work anyway. 

It's always a good idea to post to communities AND your public feed, that way you are exposing yourself (oh no!!)  to the maximum number of people, and making some new friends!!

If you so desire, you can even change your settings so that your community posts don't show up on your page, so when  new visitor checks you out they won't see the same photo posted 5 times.  (it's very tiring when you want to see someone's work and comment and it takes forever to scroll down the page and see it or comment)


please share this around..  SO many people don't realize this!!

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  1. Well said, +Ursula Klepper & +Sandra Parlow. And I for one will not join a community to see someone's work. I must carefully limit the number of communities I belong to and I don't have time to participate much in the few I am in. So…. posting public is the only way I will see your work.

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