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Good Morning Little Snowdrop

As winter fades above you,
Your crown pokes through the ground;
You tentatively peep and take
A regal look around.

Good morning little snowdrop, so full of hope and grace.
How wonderful to welcome your gentle smiling face.    

You stretch to reach the sunlight
With a gracious, sylphlike yawn.
Your confidence is growing;
Hope of spring begins to dawn.

Good afternoon young snowdrop, so full of peace and love
How wonderful to welcome you to the world above.    

The snow has disappeared,
And winter turns and leaves.
You wave farewell revealing
Your long and slender sleeves.

Good day my little snowdrop, so delicate and fine
How wonderful to welcome you into this heart of mine.

You sway in celebration,
Lightly dancing in the breeze.
The weather has a delicate
And sudden tiny sneeze.

Good evening humble snowdrop; I’m so pleased that you’re here.
You bring a breath of life to the beginning of the year.

Angela Yardy


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Good Morning Little Snowdrop

34 thoughts on “Good Morning Little SnowdropAs winter fades above you,Your crown pokes through…”

  1. Oh ja.. das hatten wir.. und jetzt sind wir dabei hoffentlich selber welche zu werden..

  2. Ich ja eher weniger, aber Du mit Sicherheit! +Heiko Mahr (ich beschränk mich auf meine Geigenschüler… Da kenn' ich mich besser aus ;o))

  3. I love snow drops. They always remind me of pure little fairy dresses. And, of course, of the arrival of Spring.

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