Some flowers still bloom, even when it's getting colder and colder ….. until being kissed unexpectedly by frost flowers!

This is my way to shoot #frozenflowers ! :o)  I know you do it differently +Eric Raeber +Heiko Mahr and +Lou McCorkle ;o) hehe…

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!!

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28 thoughts on “FROZENSome flowers still bloom, even when it's getting colder and colder ……..”

  1. +Ursula Klepper "differently" is always good. I am tempted to state how jealous I am of the frost you are able to shoot. But all things considered… that would be a lie 😉

  2. +Lou McCorkle  I am so glad you like it, Thank you! :o)

    +Ellie Kennard Thank you for your wonderful feedback! I had to hurry up, because when the sun arrived at the flowers the ice started to melt a little. :o) I hope you had a wonderful weddingday and how are the snowshoes working?

  3. +Rodolfo Seide Herzlichen Dank! :o)

    +Eric Raeber Haha, you resist the temptation!I admit it is not as many preparation work to shoot such kind of frozen flower like I did, I  just had to wait for the right moment and have time exactly for that moment! :o)

    +Heiko Mahr Thank you dear friend, I had a log telefon call with Väterchen Frost and he promised me to come when the flowers still bloom! ;o)

  4. Of course you are not willing to trade, because otherwise how should you be able to eat frozenflowericecream! ….. ;o) BTW I'm still looking forward for that image! +Eric Raeber

  5. Hmmm. maybe i should put the left over from my photo shoot into a blender, place in a glass with a stick and re-freeze!

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