Day 1

I was tagged by  +Mari Luukkonen  to join in so here I go.

You can see my "To do List" I planed to sow peas today and maybe also some flowers. All the little plants you see here are about 6 different sorts of tomatoes plants I draw from seeds. I have far too many plants but I do not want to throw away so I have a lot to give away!! :o)  I will put later in May 10 of them in pots on the terrace.
You can see here what they look like and I promise you, they are delicious!!

The 5 Day Quest is just a little fun, posting a shot a day for 5 days, a little peek into your daily life.
5 days / 5 photos / tag a new person each day to join in and use the hashtag  #fivedayquest . Today I am going to tag +Christin McLeod to join in on the fun.
You do not have to join if you do not want to. :)

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18 thoughts on “FivedayquestDay 1I was tagged by  +Mari Luukkonen  to join in so here I go.You…”

  1. This looks so exciting, Ursula, and I know it's hard work, but it is worth the effort. Nothing tastes as good as home grown vegetables.
    Looking forward to your photos over the next few days, +Ursula Klepper

  2. Oh my! How wonderful +Ursula Klepper ! I've always had a huge admiration with people doing gardening. I couldn't do that 😀 
    I'll need to start to follow your blog to see how it goes 🙂

  3. I see tomato soups, salads, sauces,fried green tomatoes! I admire you do this from seed, I must buy my tiny plants from local stores. Have fun gardening, it is such a reward to have grown your own. Fresh Peas!

  4. This all looks so wonderfully delicious! I've been dreaming of a garden, but we don't have the best light at my dad's. It's mostly shaded. But I do have my basil plant which is growing strong. Maybe I'll get some other herbs, which I adore cooking with straight out of the garden.

    I wish I could give some of your plants a home. They are so very happy. I can see it on their faces.

    And I'm so happy you tagged me into the game. I've been wishing to play. So later today, I will make my first post.

  5. Yes it is hard work +Ellie Kennard especially when time is limited and the weed sprawls all over! But I can't leave it I have to do it, I would be unhappy without garden! Thank you dear!

  6. +Kim Smith Last year we had so many tomatoes we could hardly eat them all, so I had to make sauces and freeze them! Gardening is lot of fun thank you! :o)

  7. Don't stop dreaming of a garden Christin! And fresh herbs from the pots are fantastic!  how pitty you can't take some tomatoes, they would grow fantastic in the California sun!

    I am happy you enjoy to play, because I am always unsure with tagging people. :o) looking forward to your post!! xoxo
    +Christin McLeod 

  8. +Ursula Klepper yes – gardens are a lot of work, we are actually going to plant less this year as we don't seem to have the time to take care of it properly and will be gone for a couple of weeks in the midst of growing season.  The results are wonderful though – love to have freshly grown produce!

  9. Wow, ich glaub ich muss mich mal mit dir über Gartentips austauschen. Das sieht schon sehr professionell aus.
    Tolles Bild

  10. +Heiko Mahr Du hast recht, es sieht professionell aus ;o) aber ich muss zugeben bei den Tomaten habe ich Fortschritte gemacht, vor allem dass ich sie zum zweiten Mal auch selber aus Samen ziehe. Danke Dir! :o)

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