Day 2

 I got a phone call yesterday and was asked if I can play the cantata at church on Sunday. So they send me the sheet music as a pdf file. And today I used the Ipad to practice the violin part to be prepared for tomorrow. It's not my favourite way to practice from Ipad, but in this case I managed it well.

The 5 Day Quest is just a little fun, posting a shot a day for 5 days, a little peek into your daily life.
5 days / 5 photos / tag a new person each day to join in? and use the hashtag #fivedayquest   .  Today I am going to tag +Lou McCorkle  to join in on the fun.
You do not have to join if you do not want to. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Fivedayquest”

  1. +Heiko Mahr Ich ziehe es vor nach echten Noten zu spielen/üben, dann kann man mit Bleistift auch was eintragen und muss auch nicht alle Nasen lang unterbrechen um weiter zu schieben, weil nur -7 Zeilen auf dem IPad zu lesen sind … Danke fürs vorbei schauen! :o)

  2. Is this the lost post? I had not yet commented.
    We had a quintet that played recently and they all used tablets instead of music on stands. Looked strange, but seemed to work okay they said.

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