Day 5

That’s how it looks like when I give violin lessons. You have to imagine now how it sounds … ;o)

The 5 Day Quest is just a little fun, posting a shot a day for 5 days, a little peek into your daily life.
5 days / 5 photos / tag a new person each day to join in  and use the hashtag #fivedayquest   .
Today I am going to tag +Tom McGowan to join in on the fun.
You do not have to join if you do not want to. :o)

20 thoughts on “Fivedayquest”

  1. +Saji Saju Yes it is beautiful but you also need lot of patience and a high tolerance limit …. it's not that easy to learn violine and it often sounds not so good if you don't practice a lot at home. Thank you for stoping by! :o)

  2. I can hear it loud and clear! My cutest ever 5 year old niece is learning and I've had the pleasure of hearing her play. It's really cute…for a few minutes. 😉

  3. I had to do the shooting secretly from behind her while she was playing, I didn't want to distract her. She is very concentrated. Thank you dear friend! +Ellie Kennard 

  4. And I wanted to tag you for day 3 of my 5 day quest… Dang! A superb series you did there!

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