Day 3

My first post for this game was swallowed from G+ … it just dissapeared, so here is my second try

Here you see the church where I played today during the service. Usually I take the subway to get there but on sundays when I have to get up early I take the car and there is no traffic and no parking issues. But I completely forgot that today we had the 29. Hamburg-Marathon and almost the whole city center was cordoned off. Fortunatly I parked the car in a side street and when I got out of the church they were  running also on this street!!
Usually I need 10-15 minutes to get home from there but today it took me an hour because I had to drive a lot of detours ….
Have a nice sunday! :o)

The 5 Day Quest is just a little fun, posting a shot a day for 5 days, a little peek into your daily life.
5 days / 5 photos / tag a new person each day to join in? and use the hashtag #fivedayquest     .  Today I am going to tag +Giselle Savoie  to join in on the fun.
You do not have to join if you do not want to. 🙂

#Iphonphotography       #fivedayquest  

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  1. 😀 I hope your performance was a hit! Maybe a little excitement just made it better 🙂

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