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First HQSP POD Circle release ever
This is the top of the top and the highest level reachable within the HQSP pyramid. (read more below)

If you got notification you are in.
If you want to support the members including yourself you may consider to add and SHARE the circle.

If you are not in feel free to support.

Some important changes in HQSP Universe. As you may know +Christopher Prins is the new manager of HQSP PAC. He will take care of the HQSP PAC circle. So there will be no more combined HQSP PAC/HQSP POD circles.

Who are in this circle?
All people who have been selected up to now, from here I will do a weekly update if new people have been selected for the HQSP POD (Post Of the Day.)
Also in this circle: all HQSP pages, team members and a few VIPs.

How to become part?
– Share with HQSP pages (all info on the "about" section of +HQSPPromotion) 
– The curators share the best from the theme pages on +HQSPPromotion 
– The best from there are selected for re-share on +HQSPwinners 
– The best from there become selected as HQSP POD (Post Of the Day) exposed on: and become part of this HQSP POD circle.


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