34 thoughts on “Enjoy the life!”

  1. +Ellie Kennard I am so glad if I could warm your heart a little bit! truly! You have such a long winter! And I hope you are ok, I didn't saw you so often lately. I send you some extra spoons and hugs, just in case … to make shure! xoxo

  2. Thank you for the spoons and love my dear Ursula. I am in need of all I can get at the moment. I used my complete spoons supply up before 10 am today. +Ursula Klepper
    Incidentally, I enjoyed seeing your March project picture though I couldn't comment on it as I am not part of the project. Let me know when you post April if you think of it.

  3. You're welcome dear Ellie, I hope you are better today! +Ellie Kennard I didn't post for march a public one to my project, because it was no difference to the february one and I didn't want to bother people with it. I will go in a few days to the cemetarry and take the shoot for April and than post it also to public, because I guess there will be some blossom around (I hope!) xoxo

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