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Signup here for Blurs and Unsharp Photography: Guided Play

This is a special program on the art and weird science of motion blurs, intentional camera movement, long exposures, and much more, offered through the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers .  I will be taking on a small group of people for an eight week online mentorship program which will include lessons, assignments, and informal discussions. This is going to be huge fun, and a great learning experience!

To me, blurs and unsharp photography have represented a new dimension of artistic freedom – a fresh and joyous way to play with light, color, form… and sometimes their absence.  My hope is to inspire some of you to find more of that joy in your own photography, and to offer some techniques, tips and tools to help, along with plenty of practice!

My own photography has benefited enormously from mentorships and coaching offered by +Nathan Beaulne , +Robin Griggs Wood , +Darryl Van Gaal , +Sairam Sundaresan and others here on G+, and I’ve had the chance to assist with a number of programs by Robin, Sairam, and the Camera Basics team; I’m delighted to have the opportunity to offer something new, on my own favorite subject!  I’m thrilled to have an outstanding group of people assisting me with the program, including +Nathan Beaulne , +Heiko Mahr , +Jacob Dix , +Paul Brown , +Julianne Bockius , +Jetski Jones , and +Linda Villers .  I’m also extremely grateful for the behind the scenes support of +Robin Griggs Wood , and the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers and its additional directors +Ron Clifford and +Tamara Pruessner .

We’ll be covering a range of topics, including not just how to take certain kinds of images (and sometimes why), but also tools in post-processing and phone apps.  My goal is to be able to offer the program to you regardless of the tools you use to capture (or process) images – DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, point & shoot cameras, or Apple or Android smartphones (*).  You’ll need to be familiar with the manual operation of any camera, have at least a basic understanding of the Exposure Triangle, and have time to take at least 100-200 photos per week (because practice with your hands will be key to some techniques; just knowing how won’t be enough).  You’ll also need to spend quality time in a (private) community supporting, enjoying, learning from and teaching your fellow participants!

Selections will be announced on Friday, May 9 (I’m in U.S. Pacific time: UTC – 8:00), and the first lesson will be posted on Sunday, May 11.  The program will run eight weeks, through July 6.

These are the selection criteria:

• You must be taking and publicly posting your own photographs regularly here on G+ –– at least a public photo post every three days, and more is better (the program itself will be private to the group selected, except for the option of a public display album of your best work at the end).
• You must be interactive here on G+, as you will be expected to participate in this program giving feedback and comments to others.
• You must have the time available to participate in this workshop.

To be considered for selection, please answer the following questions, on the main post only, here: (your application will not be seen at any reshares).  Please note that signups are not first-come, first-served, and comments will remain open for at least a few days, so please don’t worry if you’re not first in line.

1) Photography skill level
2) Photo editing software and apps used most
3) Cameras (including smartphones) you expect to use in the program
4) Aspirations within photography
5) Current job or profession
6) Previous art studies 
7) Amount of time you have available for participation

1) Intermediate hobby photographer
2) Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Snapseed
3) Nikon D3100 and iPhone 4S
4) To sell prints of my work
5) Full-time grocery store clerk
6) I have no previous art studies
7) I do have a job and two kids, but I will make the time for this 

(*) There is at least one topic I may be unable to address if you’re using a point&shoot camera or smartphone alone (call it half of one of the eight weeks).  The ideal combination would be DSLR or mirrorless plus a phone, and if you use only a P&S it needs to be capable of full manual shooting (shutter speed, aperture and ISO).

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