Desperation ………

I made this sculpture ​​of brown clay several years ago. It is about 15 cm high….. I thought it would fit with  #firstfridayartwalk
At that time I had a very difficult period, and modeling my feelings helped me a lot ……….    Now, don't worry it's long ago and I feel really good now!! :o))
+First Friday Art Walk 

16 thoughts on “Desperation ………I made this sculpture ​​of brown clay several years ago….”

  1. I believe alot of people can relate to this sculpture and it should be displayed where it can be viewed by many! Most creative moments are out of mind when developed and are the most artistic! +Ursula Broicher great piece of art! 🙂 tyvmfs

  2. +Darlene Parks Sorry to not answer to your comment, I didn't got any notification and just found it now by random… Thank you very much for your kind words! :o)

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