46 thoughts on “ Dawn Light And even the sunin dawn chorus sings,a celestial melody to the earthbelow.~Tjaden~…”

  1. +Ursula Klepper
    Gerne doch 🙂
    War auch ernst gemeint. Bn ein bisschen neidisch weil mir solche Bilder nicht so ganz gelingen wollen. Aber dafür machst Du sie um so schöner! Noch eine gute Nacht.

  2. It was indeed a glorious morning Ellie, back in november, with that morning fog and the sun shining through the trees in our backyard. I was lucky to cach this moment, but did not had time to process until now…. Thank you dear friend for your lovely comment! xo +Ellie Kennard

  3. OH, a heart!!?? +Heiko Mahr You mean the shadow on the grass? I didn't even noticed! Thank you for pointing it out, and thank you for the feedback!! :o)

  4. A heart standing on it's head .. but nonetheless the shadow resembles a heart, or?

    I always love to see your images..  I guess you know this 😉

  5. L'ombre de cette arbre sous le soleil donne a cette photo qu'elle chose de magique unique est la clarté splendide est J'adore

  6. absolutely amazing….i like the role of the sunrays….
    truly it helped the picture looked more beautiful and appealing…nice work +Ursula Klepper

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