In album SQUARE – Honourable Mentions

This was my shot for SQUARE – STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA and I got an Honourable Mention voted by +Colby Brown  !! :o)
Thank you very much!!

Reshared post from +Chrysta Rae

Photo by Ursula Klepper – Honourable Mention voted by Colby Brown

6 thoughts on “SQUARE”

  1. Unfortunatly it still shows the wrong name, although Chrysta changed it in the meantime, but it does not keep the right name through the share…
    but I am glad you like it!!
    I would say we both are rocking the hunt dear Saji! +Saji Saju :o) you have also awesome work! thank you! xo
    +Ashish Batho Thank you!
    +Windy Sawczyn Many thanks!
    +Ellie Kennard Thank you very much dear friend! The idea to shoot this cube this way came from Bernd and it was my first try to shoot something jumping out of water. :o)
    +Elizabeth Lund I am glad you like it, thank you very much! … the idea came from Bernd but I shot it all alone :o)

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