Crystal Dew

“With the first gleam of morning rays, the garden is a prism of a thousand hues refracted in tiny does of crystal dew, a dazzling quilt of millefleur colors covering the sleeping flower beds.”
~ Duane Michals, The Vanishing Act  ~

Sorry for being so much absent here! I hope you all enjoy life! :o)
Happy Weekend!


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26 thoughts on “Crystal Dew”

  1. Wow, love this on many levels – colors, composition and of course Bokeh!

  2. Hi Ellie, thank you so much +Ellie Kennard Yes I enjoy the summer … when he is here! we have cold temperatures and a lot of rain the whole week already. Tomorrow should be better!

  3. Its lovely………………………………………………………

  4. Hey +Ursula Klepper, I'm on the Google+ team and we wanted to know if you’ve ever thought about creating Collections ( to showcase the different content you post about? Not sure what Collections are? Take a look at some of the Featured Collections to get an idea of what they’re like ( Let me know if you have any questions! 

  5. Thank you for pointing out! +Marie Barros I have thought about collections but didn't manage yet to do some… I don't know if this feature works only for new posts or even for elder. And how can then the specific posts be found? Thank you!

  6. Nice to meet you, +Ursula Klepper! All posts (old, recent, yours, or someone else's) can be move to a Collection. Check this GIF to learn how to do it: Collections posts are visible in your stream like normal posts. Collections help to organize them and allow followers to follow exclusively what they like.

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