22 thoughts on “Bridge of StoneThe hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which…”

  1. Lovely composition, +Ursula Klepper – makes me want to be there, at that exact time, with those flowers and that lovely warm day. And photographing with you! (Love the distant figures, too, one of your trademarks).

  2. Oh that would be so lovely … photographing together!! +Ellie Kennard That was on our first day in New York, we had a wonderful walk through the central parc, fighting against the jetlag …. I always had in mind what we have learned from Sairam! Thank you dear!! xo

  3. Enchanted place in the heart of Manhatten….. +Heiko Mahr it really looks like, especially when you don't hear any typically background noises, which you can not escape in NY! Thank you my friend! :o)

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