23 thoughts on “Autumnfalling leaveshide the pathso quietly(John Bailey, Autumn, A Haiku Year)–http://meinegartenbilder.blogspot.de/2012/10/blatter.html–It…”

  1. Genau! den magischen Moment habe ich schon beim Fotografieren gespürt, um so größer ist die Freude, wenn man sich dann das Ergebnis anschaut und ihn da wieder findet. +Markus Landsmann 

  2. This is truly my kind of magic.  Faboulous bokeh and the light on the leaf is perfect!

    I miss my phototwalks in the forest during autumn. It's been to much rain here and my camera is broken.

  3. Thank you for your kind words +Ylva Budsjö Yes, I had luck on that day, particularly because I got this short moment, when the sunshine
     through the leaves! :o) Sorry about your broken camera!

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