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Apple Magic

"In every single apple lies
A truly magical surprise.
Instead of slicing down,
slice through
And watch the star
appear for you!"

By Margaret Hillart

Dear Robin, this post is for ♥YOU♥ and I want to tell you how grateful I am!
I also want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to slice  through your magical mentorship which has allowed me to even watch the star!!!  Therefor I have a surprise for you!! It's a #appleforteacher  
And of course ♥  All my love for you! ♥

Ps. I had carved this face in one of the apples, inserted the feathers on the top to give her a hairstyle, borrowed her ear trailers and add two mini seashells, so she can have beautiful glance in her eyes… ;o)

+Robin Griggs Wood +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers #gmapp3  

56 thoughts on “Apple Magic"In every single apple liesA truly magical surprise.Instead of slicing…”

  1. You all are just GREAT Thank you!!
    +Alex Lapidus Thank you! :o)
    +Allison Knights Many thanks! :o)
    +Sam Breach you are for me the inspiration for creativity and I admire you! so your words mean a lot for me! And this #appleforteacher initiative was so excited, I feel like a child waiting for christmas… Thank you for all the effort you put in, and that all in the middle of your mooving!!! :o)
    +Jennifer Luzio Thank you very much! Love your "holy wow"! :o)

  2. +Christina Lihani Oh I was so excited, when I had this idea, and I hoped I will be able to do it, because it is the first time I made a carving in an apple! And it took me about 2 hours only to plug the feathers in the apple, do the carving and shoot it… Thank you for your kind words!! :o)

  3. Lol! I should have made a video of me carving? ;o) +Robin Griggs Wood…… I am so happy I could see you in the hangout yesterday, now I can see your face and your expression each time I read your words! That is so great! Thank you for being you! and you will never again get rid of me!! (sorry…<kicher>….) you know: the penguins and me! 😀

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