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Announcing the list of artists who's work will be included in Plus One Collection print book

And now what many of you have been waiting for – announcing the list of artists who's work will be included in the print book #PlusOneCollectionIII  

Link -> (Tip: use CTRL+F to see if your name is there to save time)

It's always a hard task to pick the photos because there are so many amazing ones that we just can't include because we have limited space in the book. Any judge can testify to you of that. We had seven capable judges this time around who went through every submission and we picked the best 285 or so for the book based on the final rankings. 

But what we decided to do to compensate for this is to release a poster that will have everyone's submission posted. You can order that poster on Indiegogo page as well –

As with the book, all net proceeds from the sale of the poster will go to Saving Eliza fund. 

What's next? Keep spreading the word about the fundraising campaign! We still need to raise $25,000 before the book can go to press. And if you can contribute, please do. 

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