13 thoughts on “Almost faded…The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they…”

  1. Really love the black backgrounds with flowers, Ursula.  It emphasized the colors so well.  Also… great crop to the golden rectangle & composition.

  2. Beautiful image +Ursula Broicher and I am going to introduce +Steven Kennard to you so that he gets to see your wonderful work too. (He even has a Germany album with some of the photos he took on some of our trips there FYI). Steven meet Ursula – a very creative artist and good friend of mine from our mentorship. She has a great sense of humour you will like. Ursula – Steven is just plain marvelous and another talented artist (in wood art too) and musician.

  3. Thank you so much! +Ellie Kennard in fact he already was in my circles, but now I put him to the favorit-circle! I didn't know you belong together! I looked last night through his albums and he really has very good work there! (I did not yet had time to comment, but will do soon!)

  4. And Steven found that he had you in his circles too, but did not realize that you were "The" Ursula that I have spoken about. Now he knows, too!

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