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A bit earlier than expected but…
Here we go with a corrected version, sorry
The New cleaned and updated +High Quality Nature Photographer Circle v. 5.0
Congratulations and a big Hurrah to YOU and special to +Delcour Eric  + 483 others!

Who is in?
People sharing VERY GOOD nature related photo's in a vast majority of their posts of which at least half is own work.

Who else are in?
Members of the the HQSP team, most of them take also very good photo's!
All HQSP pages, most of them highly involved in nature.

Who are not in
-People who were not nominated
-People who could not be added due to google
-People who did not fulfill the requirements even though many of them are great photographers.

Why add this circle to your circles:
To fill your stream with great stuff, because this are all people with excellent photographers!

Why share this circle public?
Others will become to know you and us and enjoy our work.
You will get more followers which means more attention for your shares
You will get more followers which means more friends
You give a huge support to the HQSP project
You will be a great encouragement for the team who does all the hard work.

What happens if you do not add and/or share?
Absolutely nothing. No more followers,no more friends, no support for the project, no encouragement for the team.

I count on YOU, as allways!
Thank you very much and I am sure you will enjoy the circle!

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