That's a magical number and time to celebrate!
Thank you all for being here, for all cheering, for the support, for all your kind and lovely comments and for all the plusses!!
Danke an Euch alle für die vielen Plusse, lieben Kommentare, und die Unterstützung! Heute ist die Zahl 11.111 erreicht!!

more lilac here to find:

#happymomentsmonday   +Happy MOments MOnday by +Baki Karacay #hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers by +Carina Marsh #PurpleCircle   curated by +Lynn Langmade  +Sinead Sam McKeown  +Craig Szymanski  and +Alexis Coram 
 +PurpleCircle #10000photographersaroundtheworld   +Daily Photography Themes by +Robert SKREINER
#breakfastclub   +Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa  #colormeweekly   +ColorMe Weekly by +Rosie Nixon
#colorsplash   +Color Splash Photography by +Scott Roth #plusphotoextract #flieder #lilac #flowers #photomaniagermany +Photo Mania Germany by 117692345791611512506, +Photo Mania Germany

The Smell of Spring

23 thoughts on “11.111 Followers”

  1. ich habe gerade ihr album angesehen , wunderschöne bilder +Ursula Klepper ! habe mich gefühlt als wäre ich in ihrem garten und riche die blumen!

  2. Wenn Du so überzeugend und einfühlsam musizierst, wie Du fotografierst, möchte ich Dir den ganzen Tag zuhören.

  3. So beautiful +Ursula Klepper – I hope the issue with your albums is soon sorted out. I know that you are not alone, that others are also having the 'disappearing album' syndrome hit them!

  4. Thank you so much! +Ellie Kennard Haha, I like your "disappearing album' syndrome" Yes, I hope also it's going to be fixed soon. I can't even check if they are visible, because I see them all the time.

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