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►Top Photographers Circle 3.0 / L-Z◄ – of ►Top Photos on Google+◄
In this 2 Circles are included all ►Top Photographers,
who contributed and participated in the daily photo theme:
#10000photographers since the G+Page and Group 
is established, respectively all, whose photos were shared as
►TOP Photos on Google+◄ until today.
This circle is renewed and expanded regularly! Those who have once or even several times not shared this circle are not included in this circle. Who wants to be included in the next circle again, please share this circle. This is only a fair rule. Who wants to be promoted must also concede this to the others.
►►► How to get also into the next circle? – It's very easy:

1) Share this circle public in your stream!
2) Use the following hashtag for your ►Top photos on Google+◄ :
    #10000photographers by +Robert SKREINER
3) Add the page +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS
    and the curator +Robert SKREINER to your circles.
4) Join the NEW Community ►Top Photos on Google+◄
    and share your best photos also to the Community.
5) Comment and give +1 and maybe share one ore more of the daily selected
    „Top Photos on Google+“ from the G+Page +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS 
    regularly, as well as you visit the profile of the authors.
    Who does not comment on others, who gives no +1 to others,
    is not a friend and partner, and can also not expect,
    that others visit his other stream and share his work.
6) It is probably easy to understand that we omit in new circles always
     those who have not publicly shared a circle in their stream
     in which they were included.

One of the next circles will be about the busiest visitors, who give regularly +1,comment and share ►TOP Photos on Google+◄ at the Page!

►►► Please note:
We do not add you to our circles, comment and also not share a post, if you didn't add the page +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS and the curator +Robert SKREINER to your circles before!  And if you remove the PAGE +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS  or the curator +Robert SKREINER  from your circles, you are also automatically removed from all the circles of this page and profile! This is not rudeness, but please only an understandable gesture of reciprocity. We make only a few exceptions.

Previous complete +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS – Circles:
►►The circles are sorted alphabetically by first name!

A – C:
D – H:
I – L:
M – P:
Q – Z:
Hashtag for this post and circle: #TopPhotosonGoogleCircle3a-k
There is a chrome extension to automute Google Plus Posts by hashtag:
I hope you like the circle, if not, please let me know.
Hopefully I have not too many errors happened because it is very difficult to visit thousands of profiles and thereby not to make a mistake.

+Robin Griggs Wood +Sumit Sen +Lorenzo Montezemolo +Mykal Hall +Cesare Riccardo +dietmar rogacki  +Rinus Bakker +Walter Soestbergen +Maggy Meyer +Markus Landsmann +Markus Sulzbacher +Anatoliy Urbanskiy +Shelly Gunderson  +Wilfried Haferland +Nurcan Azaz  +Louisa Catharine Forsyth +Yasmin Simpson +Krzysztof Felczak +Neil Howard +Star Rush +Wayne Marinovich +Rainer Mirau +Morkel Erasmus +Vesna Krnjic +Terrie Gray +Thierry Bouriat +Lee Daniels +Margo Rita +Robin Cohen +Mike Spinak +piper mackay  +Rodolfo Seide +Syuzanna Avetisyan +luca lancieri +Sara Schiavi +Roger Albani +Rami Saarikorpi +Laurie Rubin +Ron Clifford +Mikko Tyllinen +Rami Saarikorpi +Tamara Pruessner +Patricia Davidson +Sandy Sisti +Suzie Javed +shirley lo +Philip Daly +SharedCircles +Patrick Di Fruscia +Mike Shaw +Mike Elgan 

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