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• If you're a European photographer who is not in this circle and you would like to be added to the November circle, please leave a comment so that we can check your profile and add you to the November update. It might be nice if your comments include the name of the country where you live.

• We ask that people in this circle or people interested in this project, please share this post, plus this post, and leave a comment.  Your support is appreciated by the +European Photo team.

• We only include people in this circle that ask to be included.  There are no sharing or plusing requirements but I appreciate your support. 

I'm very grateful to the +European Photo team of +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Janusz Brakoniecki +Susanne Ramharter +Manuel Votta for their support of  this effort. If you are interested in joining our team, please leave a comment or send me a private message. 

+Europeans on G+ (EOG) would like you to take part in their efforts to promote more interaction, communication, and awareness of  the European community. We would like to share the work of European photographers; especially images that portray life, culture, history, and the natural beauty of Europe. This circle was created by and for the European photography community. +European Photo will be run in much the same way as a "traditional" photography theme. Once we have built a sufficient community, we will have weekly or bi-weekly themes such as European Architecture, culture, waterways, mountains, flora, …

Remember to tag your photographs of European life-style, culture, history, architecture, etceteras with the tag #EuropeanPhotography  +European Photo    curated by +Manuel Votta +Susanne Ramharter +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Janusz Brakoniecki +Charles Lupica.  We will try to interact with every image tagged in this way but the goal is to get the G+ community to interact with you and not just the curators.  In addition to tagging your photos, we would like to encourage you to look at, comment on, share and / or plus images by other European photographers.  Let's make +European Photo rock. :-))  If you don't want to type all that in or can't remember it be sure to add the tag #EuropeanPhotography  +European Photo.  A cool trick is to visit the about page of the +European Photo then copy and paste the text you find there.  This is a cool trick and will keep you from doing all the typing. 🙂

Validation process
•  We have personally checked all of the profiles in the circle.  This is a circle of people who currently live in Europe and have photography focus. 
• Photographers that are inactive are generally not included. 

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On behalf of 
+Manuel Votta   
+Susanne Ramharter
+Jean-Louis LAURENCE 
+Janusz Brakoniecki 
+European Photo +Europeans on G+ 
I thank you for taking part in this initiative.
+Charles Lupica +European Photo project manager

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